2018 Texas Roundup


Thanks to all who came and participated in the 2018 Texas Roundup in Provo on October 10!

Over 300 BYU students came to enjoy a Kahoots game of Texas trivia, pizza and prizes! Students also wrote thank you notes to the generous donors who make Replenishment Grant Scholarships and Austin Alumni events possible. The winner of the 2018 Alumni T-shirt design contest, Jenna Trejo, was announced, and students purchased Texas Alumni ‘Howdy’ t-shirts.

Thanks to the countless students and chapter leaders who came to enjoy a great night of Texas Pride and the Spirit of the Y!

2018 Alumni T-shirt Competition Winning Design

2018 Alumni T-shirt Competition Winning Design

Thank you cards activities

One of the activities at the Texas Roundup was for students to write thank you cards to Texas Alumni who have donated towards replenishment grant scholarships, or who have volunteered at BYU Alumni events or otherwise helped to spread the spirit of the Y.