Alexia Kaley Fund Raiser

The Austin BYU Alumni is holding a Scholarship fundraiser for Alexia Kaley. Alexia Kaley is from Austin and will be attending BYU-Hawaii as a Freshman this fall. Doctors recently delivered very difficult news to Alexia's mom (, presenting a serious challenge for the entire family. Please donate to help Alexia continue her dream to attend BYU. Note that all proceeds from our Memorial Day Breakfast event go towards Alexia's scholarship fund.



Alexia's mom Michelle got the horribly unfortunate news Friday May 4th that there are 13 tumors in her brain that have begun to hemorrhage.  Michelle and Cameron Kaley have four children: Alexia - 17, Devon - 16, Aubrey - 12, & Landon - 7

Alexia and her family have never asked for help but the Austin BYU Alumni is letting you know about this opportunity to bless a young lady who may have to go through life without a mom, but hopefully won't go without a college education. The Kaley's are a family that is ALWAYS helping others through church, school, and community. Now it's our turn to help and support them!  You can donate to family medical expenses gofundme or you can donate to Alexia's scholarship fund.