2018 Cougar 5k Pictures

Thank you everyone for braving the rain. We are so grateful to all of you for coming out and to our volunteers and to our sponsors.

The results of the 2018 Austin Cougar 5k:




Great job today everyone who ran in the race!

Thank you to our volunteers: Russell, Adam, Thomalee, Jamie, and team. They were saints for helping out. We had a couple snags, but amazingly, despite the rain and the waffle love no-show this year, we pulled it off!

So many people told me that it really made their day to be awarded a prize in their respective age category. Several people had been training for months in anticipation for this race. Giving people a goal to work towards and a motivation to run is so important for people’s health and well-being. All those kids who had gigantic smiles on their faces and this enormous sense of pride for having finished the 5k or the kids fun run! What an amazing life lesson for these kids!

I think the multiple age categories was a big part of the fun for many people today. Also the food was great and the medals were awesome. The music was perfect.

Jeff Kingston has volunteered to lead the event next year, so Adam sorry, you are not allowed to run the event. But you can run IN the event. :)

Kind Regards,

Joseph Fluckiger, Austin BYU Alumni Treasurer

The numbers

We had 152 race registrants and 115 checkins on the day of the race (6 on race day).

We had 95 runners cross the finish line.


We want to be transparent about our finances in the Austin BYU Alumni. All proceeds from our events go back towards supporting great events like the Cougar 5k and BYU Noteworthy. And after expenses,(which we try to keep as minimal as possible) we provide scholarships to students from Austin.