Austin BYU Alumni Leadership Opportunities

Hi Austin BYU Alumni and Friends!

We have some leadership openings available for next year. We are looking for someone to take on the role of chapter president. There are also other leadership positions including finance controller, event coordinator, social media, marketing, and organizers for whom we always have a need.

Some of you might be ready to raise your hand to step up (which is GREAT), but for those who are more comfortable nominating a friend or family member, that works great, too! We have a great leadership team you will have the opportunity to work with.

So think about it and let us know -- whether it's yourself or a friend, we’re all ears, and we'd love to get someone as a "president-elect" soon so that if they're totally new to this, they have a chance to get their feet wet in this fall's activities as education/preparation for future activities.

Thanks for all you do to support BYU and to strengthen our Cougar Pride in Austin!

Spencer Wheelwright

Austin BYU Alumni, Chapter Chair

Monthly Leadership Meeting

On the 3rd Thursday of each month we have our leadership meeting at 8:30pm via zoom web meeting You can join by phone or computer. We invite all to join and give us your input. What events would you like to see more of? At our next meeting we will be planning our 2019 calendar. We have a lot of fun working together and planning some great events!


Joseph Fluckiger, Treasurer

Open Chapter Leadership Positions

Chapter Chair

  • Chief cheerleader

  • Recruit volunteers. Hopefully the chapter chair is not taking primary responsibility for events, but is only recruiting and training event committee members who execute events

  • Communicate with the BYU Provo Alumni office

  • Oversee chapter finances and chapter calendar

  • Attend annual BYU Alumni leadership conference during homecoming week in October in Provo (this is an amazing conference)

Finance Controller

  • Regularly Audit all expenses/revenue

  • Produce a monthly finance report and send to the board

  • Set up bank account


  • Manage chapter finances with goal of raising funds for scholarship replenishment grants

  • Manage reimbursements for expenses

  • Keep the chapter checkbook

  • Ensure proper security best practices for financial accounts

Management Society Chair

  • Lead the BYU Management society Austin chapter