Pictures from the Memorial Day Breakfast Event

The Memorial day breakfast and games was a great success, Thank you to all who came out! We had 280 people attend the event. There was corn hole and spike ball, volleyball, badminton, and water shooters, disk golf, 3 legged races, and a BYU trivia game. A food truck was on site to serve breakfast tacos. We had prizes including kites, footballs, donuts and bottles of gatorade. Participants could get prizes by winning a game, talking to one of our sponsors, or donating to the Alexia scholarship fund. A big thank you to our sponsors.

And most importantly we were able to help Alexia Kaley and raised an amazing $1800 which will go towards a scholarship for her this year at BYU Hawaii.

Thanks to all who came out,

Alumni Leadership


Pictures from the memorial day breakfast  event. You can see more pictures on the BYU Alumni - Austin Chapter Facebook group.


If you didn't get a chance to donate to the Alexia Kaley Scholarship fund, it is not too late. You can donate at our Austin BYU Alumni square store:






Event Finance Details

If you would like to know the details of the expenses and donations for the memorial day event we have published these numbers in the event planning google doc. We know that everyone who donated at the event would like to ensure that their donation is maximized towards the cause to which they are donating. We invite any feedback you may have about how we can better allocate donations for our Austin BYU Alumni events. A summary of expenses and donations can be found in the event planning google doc (scroll to the bottom).