Noteworthy Schedule Details

The Austin Noteworthy performance will be at North Gateway Church on November 2nd 2018. Doors open at 6:35pm and singing starts at 7:00 pm.

Event Schedule

  • 6:35 - Doors Open for seating

  • 7:00 - Pre-show performance by local groups

  • 7:30 - Noteworthy takes the stage!

  • 9:00 - Post show general meet and greet in lobby (open to all)

  • 9:45 - Its a wrap

Pre-show Reception with Noteworthy for sponsors and donors at 6:30 pm

As a sponsor or family donor you will get a chance to come and meet with the Noteworthy performers in an exclusive pre-show reception. You will also get a chance to pick your seat before the doors open for the general audience. Light Refreshments will be served. Attendees will get the chance to take pictures with the Noteworthy singers and get autographs. If you’d like to come to the pre-show reception, it is not too late to sign up as a donor for the pre-show reception. The minimum donation is only $100.

Doors Open for seating (VIP and Standard Seating) 6:35 pm

Seating is split into two tiers: floor (VIP) and stadium (Standard). Within those two sections, seats are not assigned but are given on a first-come-first-serve basis. A seating chart is available at the bottom of this page

Pre-show performance by local group(s) at 7:00

Choirs from Connally HighSchool and a San Antonio high school will sing 2-3 numbers followed by Announcements.

Noteworthy Performance at 7:30

Noteworthy Song Repertoire for 2017-2018

Noteworthy will recognize music teachers in attendance. We will invite them to stand for applause.

We are offering complimentary tickets to music teachers. This includes high school and middle school music teachers (choir, band, orchestra). This also includes private piano teachers, etc. Please email us at with your name and which music you teach, and and we will send you one free ticket which can be redeemed at Thank you for all you do to inspire our young people with music! More discussion on this topic on our facebook post.

Post show meet and greet with Noteworthy Singers (open to all) at 9:00 pm

Everyone is invited to meet and chat with the Noteworthy singers in the Lobby. Ask them questions, get a poster and an autograph, take a picture with these talented, gracious, and friendly student performers. This meet and greet is open to all.

Please feel free to make a donation towards our Austin scholarship fund. All proceeds from the event go towards student scholarships.

Its a wrap

All out by 10:00 pm

Noteworthy Behind the Scenes Practice

Choral workshop at 2:00 pm

Noteworthy is inviting local high school choir students to attend a free workshop which will be held either at a local highschool (McNeil) or the LDS church on 8140 Racine Trail.

Here are details from Noteworthy’s Artistic director:

“We can shape the workshop to teachers' preferences and what they think would be most effective and fun. Typically we center workshops around a cappella. We talk about voice parts, do exercises for blending and placement, then discuss and demonstrate the arranging process. We'll teach them a small section of one of our songs, sing that all together. Then we love to trade performances. So we'd love to hear the attending choir(s) sing and we in turn would sing a couple of songs. This structure seems to work well for both large and small groups, but we can incorporate other elements or shift things around to cater to a particular group's needs. “

“We will simply stick to our usual structure of intros, vocal warmups & technique overview, breakdown of a cappella arrangements, teaching portion, Q&A, and short performance. I’d prefer to communicate through David Talbot. So if there is something specific the teachers would like us to cover or certain requests etc, they could communicate those requests to David Talbot and he can filter and then inform me. Our workshop has received great feedback. “

“Hopefully this helps! Let me know what else you need. And thank you!!”

- Amy Whitcomb, Noteworthy Artistic Director

If your choir group would like to attend, please contact Spencer Wheelwright at .