How Students can help BYU Alumni chapters

Austin BYU Alumni is thrilled to grant scholarships to hardworking students. We hope to help students achieve their academic goals and enjoy their BYU experience. 

There are many ways that current BYU students from Austin can help the Austin BYU Alumni Chapter even when they are far away from their Texas home.

  • Volunteer for the Texas Roundup on Signup Genius.

  • Send us a picture of yourself and a short bio that we can post on our blog highlighting scholarship recipients. Alumni are more likely to donate when they can see and meet the students they are donating to. Thank you Riley and Grant for sending your photos and bios. If you haven't done this yet, please email them to

  • Help maintain We know you have web skills, we could use your help!

  • Spread the word about Austin alumni events on social media. Did you know Noteworthy is coming to Texas in November?!

  • Volunteer as an alumni ambassador to  help spread the word about our awesome events or ask your family and friends in Texas to volunteer.

This year the Austin chapter gave away 6 scholarships and has a goal to give away 12 scholarships next year. With your help we can achieve this awesome goal.


Please email us at to learn more about how you can give back. 

Thank you BYU students from Texas and see you at the Texas Roundup October 10th!

The Austin BYU Alumni Leadership Team