Your generous donations to the Austin BYU Alumni Chapter help in the following way:

  • Supports Replenishment Grants which is the scholarship program for BYU Alumni chapters. Each year this enables us to give scholarships to students from the Austin area who will be attending BYU. These grants are awarded to BYU students with the understanding that students accept a moral obligation to repay or replenish what they have been given. Activities and events are held locally throughout the year in support of getting alumni together as well as to focus on fundraising to support Replenishment Grants. You can go here to learn more about Replenishment Grants. You can also meet this year's scholarship recipients from the Austin area.

How can I give?

There are various ways to give:   

1. Click on the DONATE button above to donate online through BYU and these funds will go directly in support of  the TX Austin Replenishment Grant

2. Donate through your work.  Many companies in the Austin area will match donations!  Others allow employees to earn additional funds through community service. You can then direct these funds to BYU through the online portal supported by your company.  Make sure to include a comment that directs the donation to the TX Austin Replenishment Grant.  That's it!  Read more below how you can maximize donations through your company.  

Corporate Matching Gift Programs

In order to maximize your giving opportunities when you donate to the Austin BYU Alumni Chapter, the list below represents corporations and businesses that will match donations to charitable organizations. See a summary of their matching policy or click on the source for more information about their specific program. Please contact David Talbot if you would like to also add your company to this list.   

 Any donations you make between now and May 2019 will help increase grant money for students this year!