2019 Grant Recipients


Shellie Stufflebeam

My name is Shellie Stufflebeam, since I just got married on May 30th! I met my husband on my mission in Alabama. I learned Spanish while on my mission, and I studied French for eight years before I served. I love studying languages and learning about new cultures. My hobbies include doing gymnastics, playing the clarinet, and reading. I graduate from BYU with my nursing degree this December.


Jessica Hunt

I was born in Boise, ID but moved to Katy, TX when I was 8 years old. During my free time I enjoy playing sports such as racquetball or ultimate frisbee. I love to dance and have attended various classes or clubs while at BYU. I am studying nursing at BYU and just completed my first semester in the program. I am interested in pursuing a career in forensic nursing, with a focus on sexual assault and rape examinations.

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Corrine Richter

Howdy! My name is Corrine Richter and I am a senior/first year Masters of Accountancy student here at BYU. Being raised in Houston, I learned to love barbeque, friendly people, and hot weather. This came in handy when I was assigned to serve in the Brazil, Curitiba South mission which is known for Brazilian barbeque, warm-hearted people, and plenty of heat and humidity. I loved it there! While studying accounting, I am also studying Dance, which has been a passion of mine since I was two and a half. My husband Reed and I love the mountains in Provo and enjoy doing anything outside including rock climbing, hiking, camping, and even training llamas to backpack through mountain trails. My passion for accounting and for teaching have led me to make the goal of receiving a PhD in Accounting to become a professor. This fall, I will begin BYU’s School of Accountancy PhD Prep track.

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Michael Mangum

I grew up in Houston, and graduated from Lamar High School. I served my mission in Cordoba, Argentina straight out of high school.  I am the oldest of six kids, the youngest only being three years old. Some of my favorite things to do are watch sports and play in the intramural leagues here at BYU, especially basketball. I will be a senior this fall in BYU's accounting program. I have an internship lined up with Ernst and Young in the Houston office this January, and am looking forward to finishing up my degree and starting my professional career back home in Houston.

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Diego Heredia

Hi, I am Diego, I am a senior at BYU studying to become a music producer. I grew up in Houston Texas and loved it. Music and art have always been my passion and I have been doing them all my life. I play guitar and sing in a band and I work as an audio engineer at BYU Broadcasting. It has been a great experience being here and I am truly grateful for it.


Denton Markwalter

I’m a mechanical engineering student and I love the outdoors. Recently I have been doing a lot of rock climbing and canyoneering. I also enjoy welding and working on projects with friends. I served a Spanish speaking mission in Bakersfield California.